Dealing with a Pick Pocket

Dear Hal-
I am fortunate to live in a community of active seniors. The other night, four of us went out to dinner and a movie in a friend’s car. We went as 2 couples but we are all just friends . . . nothing more. The next day, I realized my wallet was missing. I called my friend and asked him to check the car. He called back to say he found the wallet but when I came by to pick it up, it was missing the cash I had inside it. I did not say anything but now I am wondering about the possibility that either he (or someone else in the car perhaps) took it? I am having difficulty looking at my 3 travelling companions the same way now. Am I just being paranoid?
Pick Pocketed?


Dear Pocketed-
I had a similar question from a gentleman who found a piece of jewelry missing from his home after his long time lady friend had spent the evening. In your case, while the list of suspects may be longer than his, the result is the same . . . there has been a breach of trust. Here, there can be as many as 3 possible culprits but approaching any of them will likely end the relationship of all. I would say that either you cut contact with all of them or you take greater care of your wallet in the future. I know both routes are imperfect and if you want me to make the choice for you, I would keep my hand on my wallet and hope that only one of the group is a crook and you are not being fingered as a pigeon by a gang of seniors!.

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