No Ink, Please

Dear Hal-
The woman I am seeing is a divorcee and she keeps herself very fit and is quite a head-turner. After sex the other night, she confessed that she wants to get a tattoo on her ankle. She was brought up very prim and proper and now, she says, she wants to be more reckless. While she is very good looking, she is still in her 60s and I just can’t see this being a good move. She wants me to help pick out a design and I am afraid that if I tell her she’s just not a good candidate for this, that it will end our relationship. What shout I do?
No Ink, Please


Dear Ink-
I’ve spoken with a few of my friends on this one. Most agree that a tattoo at 60+ is probably not a great idea, but the ankle will likely only support a small tattoo and as such will probably be fairly insignificant. We all agreed that you should be supportive of what she wants to do with her body irrespective of the “target zone.” I was educated as to what a, “tramp stamp” is as part of my research on this topic and hope that this is not what she has in mind. But the, “which ever one makes you happiest,” answer to any question you may be asked at the tattoo parlor is the way to go . . . provided you aren’t choosing one for yourself.

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