Back In The Pontiac

Dear Hal-
After years of denying myself, I purchased a restored, 1962 Pontiac Bonneville convertible. I had always wanted one of these large “boats” since I was a kid and with the passing of my wife a year and a half ago after a long illness, I did not want to wait any longer. I started seeing a woman who I had a connection with and the other night, while driving home from dinner in the Pontiac, she giggled that she wanted to have sex in the backseat. I am not an idiot, but the first thought I had was damaging the upholstery. I made up an excuse and she made me promise to give her a “rain check” for backseat romance. How can I make this happen without insulting her by putting out some kind of seat-covering before hand?
Back In The Pontiac


Dear Pontiac-
You are a lucky man to find such a “driven” woman. My suggestion is to get some nice, high-thread count towel to put down on the seat for her to be as comfortable as possible and make that the issue as opposed to possibly losing points at a car show for your interior.

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