Aging Hippie

Dear Hal-
I am a 73 year-old widower who has been living with a woman for the past 2 years. She is 74 and we live in my place. Two weeks ago, she fell and broke her hip. She needed a hip replacement and has been in rehab. She makes little comments about how I am responsible for the accident as it happened in my home. She makes jokes about it but I am both disturbed by the insinuations as well as potential liability! This is definitely impacting how I feel about her. How should I handle this?
Aging Hippie


Dear Hippie-
I can see where, after a while, those little jibes can be troublesome. I hope that after two years together that a legal issue is just fodder for her particular brand of humor. If she makes another ‘joke’ about the accidents, I would just make a face and say, “That’s getting old, don’t you think?” and explain that it hurts you when she says such things because you care so much about her. Assuming that it’s the truth, I think as she concentrates on her recovery, you will find this just fades away

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