Not Snake Charmed

Dear Hal-
While my grandson is in the city where I live going to University, he asked that I take care of his pet snake. Since he lives thousands of miles away, I said yes as it another reason for him to come over and spend some time with me. Although the reptile doesn’t require a lot of work, feeding it live prey is something I hate and it is “something else” for me to do that takes time. It also creeps out guests of both sexes who come to visit me. Is there a way to delicately rid myself of this responsibility while still having my grandson be a frequent visitor?
Not Snake Charmed


Dear Charmed-
Not having reptile-ownership experience, I am really just giving a somewhat uneducated opinion on your very unique predicament. As a grandparent, I know how special time spent with a grandchild is so I would do whatever it takes to minimize the impact of the pet. Read up on the species and try to gain some appreciation of it. When company comes, cover the tank or move it out of entertaining range. I think when you agreed to taking care of the snake, you made a commitment so you should concentrate on mutual co-existence and forget about ducking out of the agreement. Good luck.

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