Fooled By Plastic

Dear Hal-
I have been divorced for nine years (I am 70 years old) and I have been very active socially because, as you have pointed out, there are many single women out there. Over two years ago, I was set up with a woman who although she was very pleasant, I just wasn’t attracted to her and I forgot about her. I was at a party last week and was quite taken by a beautiful woman who I started a conversation with. We were really hitting it off when she announced that she was the woman I went out with years ago but she had undergone some cosmetic surgery including breast enlargement. She said I was shallow and wants nothing to do with me. Is there a way I can redeem myself with her?
Fooled By Plastic


Dear Plastic-
I think you are just out of luck. She called you out on what she perceives (probably correctly) that you are only interested in her now because of her appearance and not her substance (silicone or otherwise). As you correctly note, there are many other women out there and just use this situation as an object-lesson.

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