Religious Manipulation

Dear Hal-
I am a lapsed Catholic. A woman I am very interested in is much more devout. I have been attending Sunday services with her and she is after me to become more involved in the offerings at the Church. I really do not feel any spiritual re-awakening for the religion and I am just going through the motions to basically get her to like me more and see where it leads. Is this somehow a sin? I can’t see keeping up or deepening what is really of no interest to me.
Religious Manipulation


Dear Religious-
Rather than get into a deep theological discussion, I think there is likely a balance to be found here that will allow you to be part of her world. You didn’t make it clear what other offerings your friend is suggesting. There are often many non-religious activities offered by churches that may be to your linking (trips, gatherings, etc.) Focus on these less pedagogical as a way to participate in an atmosphere that she apparently enjoys.

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