Two Time Loser

Dear Hal-
After two failed marriages, I am not looking for another ride on the merry go round. I am 68 years old and the marriages lasted 7 and 12 years. I have two children with my second wife. I will soon be moving to the sun belt and I know that some women have been turned off by knowing of my two failed marriages. I am contemplating not telling new acquaintances about one of the relationships . . . not outrightly lying, but just not being so forthright as saying, “yes, I was married and divorced twice,” as opposed to saying, “yes, I’ve been married and I have two great kids” at least until there is a real chance of a relationship. What do you think?
Two Time Loser/blockquote>

Dear Two-Time-
As a 68 year old, you certainly grew up in a time when divorce was not unheard of. I am guessing women in your dating pool will also be from this era (and may be divorced several times as well). That said, I think your approach of “less is more” when describing if you’ve been married is actually quite good. I don’t think you will be thought of as a “loser” because of your history (many people marry too young for example and in your case, you have a union that produced children and lasted for more than ten years), but not getting into a very detailed description on a first meeting may be a good idea. As you noted, don’t lie but don’t give a detailed resume as first either.Hal

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