I Can’t Find My Watch!

Dear Hal-
I live on the third floor of an ocean view condo. During a recent storm, the woman who lives on the first floor asked if she could stay with me as she was concerned that her place could be flooded. Fortunately, the storm was not as bad as forecasted and her place was fine. That was about a week ago. However, I noticed that I am missing a dress watch that I am quite good about returning to my night table after I wear it. I hate to think that this lady could have taken it, but no one else has been in my place lately. How can I ask her without sounding accusatory and ruining what is otherwise a pleasant relationship with a fellow tenant?

Sweet & Pink Panther


Dear Panther-
First off, let me say that unless you find the watch in between some couch cushions or wedged between the car seat and the center console, there is no chance of ever getting it back. If you confronted this person, it is highly unlikely she would ever admit to doing it and she will be an enemy forever just for suggesting it no matter how diplomatically you put it. Remember that you have to live near her and you will certainly see her in the days ahead. So I say, call your insurance company, suck it up, and be sure you lock your jewelry up every day.

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