Spruce Up Your Bed

With the change of seasons, it’s time to break up the monotony of your bed with new sheets, pillowcases and perhaps a duvet.  You will be amazed at how this simple modification makes such a dramatic change in both the visual and the visceral spheres.

Choosing new bedding does not have to be an arduous task but it will require you making a little effort.  First off, don’t do this all online.  You should make a trip (with your smart phone or at least a small notepad in hand) to a higher-end department store and do some literal, hands-on research.  Before you go, make sure you know what size bed you have (king, queen, etc.)!

Touch the fabrics to be sure you like the way they feel.  You will be able to focus on brands you like.  Don’t worry about thread-counts . . . trust your touch.

Try to integrate in some color.  Plain white bedding is the equivalent of the missionary position . . . not very imaginative!  Mixing patterns that have a complimentary tone is very attractive.  The bedding departments will have displays that might appeal to you.  Take pictures and note the details of the sheets, pillows, etc. that you like.  By buying patterned sets, you can get a different look every week by mix and match.  Remember to have only one “strong” pattern and softer partners.  Ask a sales person for help if you are not sure what works, but if you can find a look you like on a display bed, then go for it.  This is why it’s important to visit several stores for inspiration.

An easy way to help your new bedroom look always appear tidy is to invest in a duvet.  It can be used to quickly cover an unmade bed if you are not inclined to make your bed every morning.  A cotton duvet is warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer when you’ve got the A/C pumping.  Just wash the cover with your sheets every week. And stick the duvet in the dryer every other month with two dryer sheets and three tennis balls. The fluff bounces right back!

Protect your investment by buying several sets of bedding to extend their life.  You should put new linens on the bed every week.  With two or three sets, you will never have a “naked” bed while your bedding is in the wash  (if you are not up to the challenge of laundering your own sheets, check out local laundries for wash/fold services).  Use drier sheets to impart a nice aroma if you are a DIY’er.


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