Solo on Valentine’s Day? No Biggie – Here’s How to Cope!

Probably the first thing to realize about Valentine’s Day is that it is really created largely by merchandising executives and it carries little spiritual gravitas.  As a result, the possibility of not actually “celebrating” the day begins to really make sense. We don’t usually celebrate any other Thursday (unless its someone’s birthday or Thanksgiving!), so let’s not place any unnecessary significance to the day if it only serves to make you unhappy.

Here are some strategies for the 14th:

Video “Catch-Up”   Is everyone you know talking about Downton Abbey? Walking Dead? Breaking Bad? Use V-Day to download a season’s worth of a series you have heard is good, make some microwave popcorn, and dive in for a few hours!

Hit The Gym   While couples are filling their faces and smiling smugly at each other, you’re getting a head start on your beach body. The underlying benefit of the gym on Valentine’s Day is two-fold: First, no waiting for weights or machines; second, you get a filtered look at who else is single. Not a member anywhere? No worries – most gyms offer one-week trial memberships for free.

Find Your “Center”   For some, being single is a choice. For others, not so much. Whichever category most suits you, embrace it. Yoga is a wonderful way to do something for your physical self while also clearing out those mental cobwebs. Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, so it’s business as usual for most yoga studios.

Treat Yourself   Since you don’t have to worry about spending half your mortgage on gifts that don’t make it to the end of the week, take half of that money and spend it on yourself. Buy that gadget you’ve been eyeing since before Christmas, splurge on a new wardrobe item or just drop it all on a guilty pleasure like a massage.  Make it a “Me Day” and go out and have fun. No one will even notice. They are all too busy crying and whining because they aren’t (or are!) in a relationship.

Get Out Of Town   If you’ve got the time and the extra cash, this might be the best opportunity to do some traveling. You don’t even necessarily have to leave the country (though it wouldn’t be a bad idea considering most countries don’t celebrate such a dumb holiday), because a trip in your own country might be just as much fun. Visit friends you haven’t seen in a while or just go explore a new town. Spend most of Valentine’s Day on a plane or in a car, and it’s pretty easy to ignore (and maybe you can stretch the trip into the weekend!).


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  1. Charlie

    Get out and laugh your happy ass off. Your single, enjoy the freedom.. Look at pretty ladies without guilt. Smile at a sad person. Help a little old lady across the street.  Serve breakfast to the homeless.. Give a dog a bone.meat included.. And dont tell anyone you did it….Have fun and take pictures of a sunset.

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