It’s Hoop Time

Basketball season is here. And going to a game is great fun and can be a terrific date venue.

Besides NBA games, there is college basketball to consider as well. In some areas, high school games take on great local importance and they also offer a diverting evening’s entertainment for an especially economical afternoon or evening.

Basketball games are best appreciated close-up so if you have a choice between sitting courtside (or within 5 rows) at a college game vs. 20 rows back for NBA, we say go for the collegiate event. In fact, college hoops are almost always the more exciting games as the students add an energy to the proceedings that is hard to top.Consider making a day of it by going back to your (or her) alma mater to take in the whole campus experience on game day.

The pacing of basketball is especially conducive to staying or going. With quarters and half-times, if you or your companion lose steam, it’s easy to just get up and go.

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