Fly Frequently? Get Bumped For Cash!

With the cooler weather approaching, many Suddenly Solos will be heading to winter residences. And some of us will often be shuttling back and forth for family events, holidays, recreational opportunities, etc.  If you are anticipating making several flights (and have some flexibility), why not roll the dice and book plane trips that are LIKELY to be overbooked and essentially fly for free? Scott Keyes of Scott’s Free Flights suggests that being bumped in exchange for rewards and seats on other flights can be worthwhile.  Voluntary bumping (the most common) can become an auction at the gate as the offers to give up your seat can easily approach $1000 as desperation sets in. If you want to take the chance, book flights where seats are scarce (easy to see on line) and arrive early at the gate so you’re in place when the gate agents ask for volunteers. Don’t check baggage if possible. If the airline needs multiple volunteers, ask for their best offer. Say you’ll accept the compensation that the next to last volunteer gets.  There are lots of ins and outs to the Bump Game, so check out Scott’s book, How to Fly For Free at

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