Why Am I Still Sneezing?

Although it is September, there are still lots of allergens floating around that can trigger the sneezing, tearing up, coughing, etc. that you thought you outlasted from the spring.

Most notable, ragweed is still a factor.  This yellow flowered weed starts releasing pollen in August and the season can last through September and into October.  The pollen can travel in the wind for hundreds of miles, so even if you are not near the growth area, you may still be impacted as a result.

The next most common culprit is mold. Mold spores grow in wet areas outside your home, so piles of damp leaves are ideal breeding grounds for them to thrive and wreak havoc.  Indoors, places like heating/cooling ducts can become havens for both mold and dust mites, so be aware of the possibility of speading them into your home when you start up your heating system for the first time.  It goes without saying that you should change your filters before the start of the season. Consider using HEPA filters for your HVAC for additional protection.

At this stage of our lives, we likely know what our sensitivities are, so the prevention routines are like that Henny Youngman joke  -“Doc, it hurts when I do this.”  “Then don’t do that.”  Avoiding the environs that hold our triggers is best (early mornings are the most pollen-laden times of the day) and a physician may recommend some medications if you are really suffering.


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