Should You Go For a New 4K TV For Football Season?

First, a little bit of background – 4K television is the latest high definition viewing technology. As the name implies, it is basically about four times as image-intense (resolution) as the current high definition television. It is sometimes referred to as Ultra HD. Hard to believe, right? Take a trip to your local TV/electronics dealer and check it out if you don’t believe us!

With football season upon us, you may be tempted to upgrade to this technology, but you have to ask yourself if you will really see a difference between HD and this Ultra HD. The human eye is limited as to how much resolution it can really take in. If you sit anywhere from six to ten feet away from the set, you will probably not see a difference.

What you should be looking for (in all TVs really) is: 1) proper color saturation and 2) skin tones. Sometimes too much of a good thing is bad. For example, when speaking about saturation, you need a good balance of colors. Resolution is really not the key issue anymore when it comes to enjoying your TV viewing.

4K TV will certainly have a leg-up in producing the quality color that is the most important criteria for us…but that will likely happen years from now. Most of the 4K televisions will use a format called xyYcc that allows them to show a wider array of colors than current TVs. However, as noted recently in The New York Times, “you’ll have to get your movies or TV in xvYcc for that to pay off. And that might be a long time coming — after all, the TV industry has been talking about xvYcc since at least 2007.” You can be an early adopter and wait the industry out for widely available xvYcc.

You can see this color difference today with Sony’s 55 inch KDL-55W900A TV, which displays the expanded range. However, you have to view one of their properly 4K re-mastered titles via a capable blu-ray player. Again, check with a local retailer to actually experience it.

Is there a scenario today that might validate the expense of upgrading to a 4K? Actually, there is. With its increased resolution, if you sit very close to a large screen (80+ inches) Ultra TV set, its greater pixel display will reduce any “pixilation” you would otherwise experience at such a close distance.

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