Football and Big-Screen TVs: Made for Each Other

Although any sport looks better on a large-screen television, football seems to have the best coverage and camera angles that make watching it in high-definition and on a screen that is larger than 27 inches pretty remarkable.

Here are some tips if you are thinking about upgrading your current unit:

  • Wait until January for the models to come in if you can and take advantage of previous model year sales.  If you want a really great deal, consider remanufactured or used units that have good warranties.
  • LCD/LED/Plasma?  Really your preference.  View different technologies and make up your own mind.  Forget 3-D… there is little available programming, it can be disorienting for us Suddenly Solos and you have to wear special glasses.
  • Don’t fall for any “up-sells.” For example, there is really no difference in HDMI cables, so get the basic one. Extended warranties are generally not worth it, since if anything goes wrong, it usually happens during the factory warranty period (that said, keep all the packaging for at least a year, just in case!). Margins on TVs are slim, so the retailer will likely push extras.
  • Don’t do a wall mount yourself (unless you’re a contractor!).  Large-screen sets are heavy and require careful placement on a wall to ensure they are secure.  Sets should be mounted at the eye level you will be viewing them at. Don’t put them above a fireplace or other distracting locations.
  • If you are placing your set on a dresser or cabinet, do you really have to pay a premium for an uber-thin set?
  • Consider investing in external speakers if you don’t already have an audio system (i.e., 5.1 setup) to improve the sound.

And when you get your new, large-screen TV all set up, consider having a “High-Definition Break-In” party to watch a sporting event with some friends!


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