Thanksgiving For One

Not all of us can recreate the Norman Rockwell version of Thanksgiving. Our lives have moved in different directions and although here at Suddenly Solo we have proffered suggestions about making connections for the holidays, sometimes they don’t pan out.

Let us tell you something . . . spending Thanksgiving by yourself is not all that bad. We admit that it may not be the best of all possible scenarios, but it is definitely not the end of the world. Here’s how to both get through it and perhaps even enjoy it a bit.

- Start the day by helping others. Check out local food banks and shelters and offer your services for Thanksgiving. Religious institutions often need drivers to deliver meals to shut-ins. This selfless volunteerism will give you a wonderful feeling that will last throughout the year.

- Call now for a take-out feast. There are many places (including the delis in big-box stores) that will prepare a complete dinner, ready to heat, for one (although we suggest getting more for left-over participation on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!) It’s a great way to treat yourself.

- Make contact with your family. Skype or email and say you’re thinking of them and hope to get together soon. Put aside any petty or lingering grievances if just for the moment.

- Sleep in on Friday. Heat up the left -overs and watch some football or go out to a sports bar. Just don’t over-do it . . . you don’t want to nurse a hangover on Saturday and Sunday.

- Catch up on some TV. Have you heard of “binge watching?” You can download an entire season of a show you’ve been hearing so much about and see what all the fuss is! You might try Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Game Of Thrones, to mention a few. Make some popcorn and have at it!

We know that being alone for Thanksgiving is not ideal, but we have to play the hand that we are dealt. So keep thinking good thoughts, count the blessings we have, and be kind to yourself, OK?

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  1. You followed me (or at least I noticed it) today (it’s 1:45AM) 11/22/13. I like your site and your incite!
    I could really give you some stories! Was single ( divorced) a few years until I met my future wife in early 2007. We lived together, then got married. Anyway, I met her prior to turning 57. Being single in those few years prior to our meeting was a very interesting and exciting time I will always treasure. 

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