Buying Flowers for a Woman

You don’t necessarily need a real “occasion” to buy a woman flowers.  In fact, the non-event gifts are often the most appreciated ones.  But that doesn’t make actually choosing the color, fragrance, and amount of flowers any easier on those of us who aren’t botanists!

Asking a woman what her favorite flower is will almost certainly dilute the gift by putting her on the alert.  And while the gesture of giving flowers is almost always sure to be appreciated, you will likely get far more by way of appreciation if you choose just the right and appropriate floral arrangement.

Give some thought to your relationship status. You do not want to appear too forward with lots of roses if you are just starting to date.  Of course, nothing says passion like red roses. They’re sexy and alluring, yet classic and elegant. Red roses make a stunning bouquet and reveal an intense, romantic love.  If that’s where you are in your courtship, then go for it!  You can mix things up with different color roses to add originality to the choice.

If you are not far along in your relationship but you see a future, purple roses and purple lilacs symbolize love at first sight.  But if that is not what you wish to convey at this juncture, consider a mixed bouquet. A few red roses will subtly indicate you’re interested without overdoing it. Orange roses also signify desire, and a mix of orange, peach and white roses would be exquisite.

Or you could take a pass on convention and pick something more unusual, like birds of paradise, which represent joy. Similarly, an orchid makes a lovely gift and creates quite an impression. She’ll have no doubt that you think she’s special. Both these selections have the advantage of staying in bloom for a while.

Visit a florist shop for the best selection of higher-quality flowers and broader choices. A trained professional will help you make an informed selection.  Florists usually deliver and it’s a bit more special for a lady to receive flowers this way.  A caveat: Avoid sending flowers simply to impress someone. The gesture will be meaningless. Also, be aware that sending flowers cannot save a relationship. You could come off as seeming desperate.


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