Play Ball! Host a Baseball Party

Even if you’re not a fanatic fan, the start of baseball season creates a perfect social opportunity to host a theme party that is easy and not overly expensive.

Fine out when your home team has a televised day game and create party invitations that look like stadium admission tickets (easily available templates are on line or you can have them printed professionally).

Be sure you pick a place with a large screen television but plenty of room for sitting around and just conversing.  Use colored balloons (team colors are best) and get some baseball player posters for decorations (use pictures that women will enjoy looking at . . . hunky guys!)

Food is easy  . . .  franks, hamburgers, salads (some plain and some with grilled chicken), cracker-jack, popcorn, beer (lite beer and some NA as well for the ladies), soda and bottled water.  If you are up to it, there are tee shirts (and other party goods) that say, “Real Women Watch Baseball” which you can get to embrace those women who are just coming for the food and company!

Don’t make a big deal of actually watching the game as this is, after all, a party but have it playing on the big screen at all times to anchor the whole theme.  Enjoy!

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