What Do Teeth and Grammar Have in Common?

According to a just-released national study conducted by the Internet dating giant, Match.com, good teeth and good grammar are the two most important things that singles are looking for in a potential mate (Apparently having an attractive mouth is a good first step, but watching what comes out of it is also important!).

Following these two nuggets, good hair and nice clothes were the next two most highly desired attributes in the study.  Having a sense of humor was listed as being a “key factor” when evaluating a partner.

Some “red lights” to making a love connection in the Match.com study included having over $5,000 in credit card debt, and finding something negative in an online search about a person would prompt 38% of those surveyed to cancel a scheduled date.

The age of those in the Match.com study is younger than most of us Suddenly Solos, but the results of our own research (600 men and women, 55 years of age or older, widowed or divorced) revealed that the top two things that were initially noted by most of us are a person’s eyes and then their smile.  We didn’t ask about a person’s grammar – our bad!  (Pick up a copy of our Suddenly Solo book for more research!)


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