Flu Shots May Stop Heart Attacks

Obviously, we Suddenly Solos should be taking good care of ourselves. And getting a flu shot is a good way to avoid potentially life-threatening flu and flu-related complications.


But did you know that a flu shot may help people avoid a heart attack? If you have type-2 diabetes, a study of over 12,000 adults found that those who received yearly influenza vaccinations were less like to have heart attack, stroke or heart failure than patients who didn’t. The effect of the vaccine as a protective agent against cardiovascular events in ALL adults is already known but this is the first study done exclusively on diabetics.


For maximum effectiveness, be sure to get your shot now . . . before the flu season really gets going.  And get your vaccination early in the morning.  Seniors who got the vaccination between 9AM and 11AM had a lager increase in antibodies to two of the three flu strains than those who got the shot between 3PM and 5PM.

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