Fall Fashion – What Suddenly Solo Guys Should Know

We are under no illusions about what most of us mature men think about Fashion Week in New York (which just ended).  It’s fun to look at the pictures of celebrities . . . especially the male athletes and rockers who are clearly there just to choose their next hook-ups!


Certainly the vast majority of clothes that are modeled (for both men and women) are simply too far “out there” for most of society.  But that’s part of the allure of Fashion Week.  It is sort of like a car show where manufacturers trot out their “concept cars” which are never street-legal but give us an idea of what’s possible.


That said, here are some take-aways from Fashion Week that you can use (or not use!) as you see fit:

  • Burgundy.  This wine color will be “in” this year.  We think having a pair of casual leather shoes in this hue (a matching belt is always a good touch) will be a good purchase. If you live in colder climates, burgundy colored gloves will freshen up your wardrobe. A simple burgundy sweater is also great dressed up or down.
  • Plaid.  It’s easy to go overboard here so just jazz up an outfit with a plaid tie (go with a narrower width) or a scarf (see below) or even a subdued vest.  Don’t mix patterns!
  • Statement Scarves.  Again, weather-permitting, bolder patterned or colored scarves that are large enough to be knotted and worn outside the jacket seem to be on the fashion radar.
  • Crewneck Sweatshirt.  Comfort scores one here!  Treat yourself to this style and wear it under a sports coat or with a pair of jeans and your burgundy colored accessories!


Believe us when we admit that we are definitely NOT fashion-dandies.  Skinny jeans that end above our ankles are just not in our future, no matter how fashionable they may be.  But taking just a little notice of what seems to be coming down the haute couture highway can help you pull off a causal appreciation of fashion on a budget that women will notice!


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