Time To Change Your Locks?


It is amazing how infrequently people change the locks to their homes or apartments, but it’s an important aspect of home security. Many people don’t recall if their home was re-fitted when they first moved in.  It is very possible that previous tenants/owners may still have the keys to your place! Almost 87% of all home burglaries are preventable and in 34-35% of cases, the thief comes right through the front door.


There are other times that you should definitely consider changing your locks.  For example, when you sever a relationship.  This includes girlfriends and domestic help.  There is no telling how many duplicate keys are floating around out there, so don’t take a chance.  Have there been any burglaries or attempted break-ins in your neighborhood?  Lock technologies have changed over the years so upgrade if there has been any criminal activity near your home.  Old and difficult locks – These types of locks are just begging to be replaced. If you are experiencing key jams and have a hard time locking or unlocking your door, save yourself any further trouble and retire veteran locks.  How about lost house keys?  This always means trouble, even if you get them back. It is in good character to hope for the best in people but in this world just about anyone could take advantage of that situation. Forget the old lock and call a trusted locksmith to replace it.


If you are fed-up with keys altogether, there are several keyless options out there. Some have push buttons, others are key-pads and some use fingerprint recognition technology. Just search “Keyless Home Locks” and see what comes up!

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