Why Back-To-School Season is Good for Us, Too!

Although the traffic definitely gets worse this time of year as school buses and anxious parents all take to the road, September can still be good for those of us without school-age kids.  Specifically, I am speaking about the plethora of “Back-To-School Sales” that are going on.  These provide excellent shopping opportunities for us.

For example, many electronics stores are offering extremely attractive prices on laptops and other electronics that you can easily take advantage of.  If you have been toying with the idea of upgrading your hardware, or perhaps you are ready to take the plunge into this brave new world, definitely consider going over to your local electronics store and taking a look around.

Basic stationery supplies are now available at a deep discount.  You might not need a three-ring binder or reinforcements for loose leaf paper, but basics like staples, paper clips, note paper, pens, markers, file folders, etc., which are part of almost anyone’s desk, can be had for a song the next few weeks.

Almost all clothing is now on sale.  The large department stores are looking to increase their in-store traffic, so they discount almost all items – not just the flip-flops, cargo shorts and Grateful Dead t-shirts.  Things that are more “us” are part of the shopping bacchanalia, too.

This time of year also signals the beginning of end-of-year pricing at many automobile dealerships.  Dealers with too many unsold vehicles on their lot are ready to deal as the new models start to filter in.  Check the internet for what the actual inventory price on a 2012 car is and start counting backward!  You should be able to do quite well for yourself.

So even though you aren’t shopping for new Buster Browns (Remember those? What was the name of his dog?), you should certainly be able to join the ranks of those helicopter parents who are over-buying for their spawn and take advantage of the season!


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