Hurricane Affair

Dear Hal-
I moved south less than two years ago and have been seeing a woman for the last six months. I have no desire to “ride out” a hurricane so I left to stay with relatives up north while my lady friend insisted on staying in my apartment. She has been through hurricanes before and didn’t feel the need to leave. On my return, friends have said that she had a gentleman staying with her! I have not seen any evidence of it, and we never really discussed “exclusivity.” Should I say something?

Sweet & Hurricane Affair


Dear Hurricane-
Exclusivity or not, I don’t think it is appropriate to have another person (male or female!) in your apartment without your knowledge. Of course, you only have hearsay evidence of this but I definitely think you should ask her if she had company during your absence. You haven’t been going out that long where I think you should be concerned if she gets offended at your inquiry. And I agree with your decision to leave during heavy storms . . . what’s the point of staying?

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