If it weren’t for the fact that we like to keep our Suddenly Solos up to date on the latest cinematic offerings, the horror film, IT would not be on our list of films to see!  But, it had the largest opening weekend box office gross receipts at theaters so at least we had company in the audience.

This film is downright creepy.  It is designed to make you jump out of your seat and is not averse to using state-of-the-art computer graphics and surround-sound to achieve its heart-stopping mission.

The original book by Steven King was criticized for its portrayal of adolescent sexuality and the first version of the book was a two-part TV mini-series in 1990.  This film wisely side-steps the controversial sex but does not pull any punches when it comes to decapitations and gallons of young blood.

We can’t in good conscience recommend this film to our core audience as it just isn’t made for us. However, if we are to judge by the crowds of under-thirty year-olds (often way under), then they are clearly the target demographic. Screams and plenty of uncomfortable laughs were in vogue at the screening we attended.

So, unless you are a die-hard Steven King fan who just has to see it, we would suggest re-reading the book or grabbing a sandwich.  Easy on the ketchup.

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