Holiday Eating!

The upcoming cornucopia of holiday food can certainly pull us out of our usual caloric comfort zone!  But relax . . . it is OK to indulge yourself a bit but be smart about it.  Here are some tips.


First off, don’t try to diet now.  It can only lead to frustration.  Strive to maintain your current weight. Fill half your dinner plate with low calorie veggies to help you feel full. Consider having a light, protein laden snack (i.e. yogurt) before you go to a celebratory event.


Prioritize your indulgences.  Don’t ‘waste’ calories on foods that you can usually get any other time of the year.  Chose something you really enjoy and pass on the other, more pedestrian things.


Location, location, location.  Don’t situate yourself near the food table at any event. It’s just too tempting to “nosh” uncontrollably.


White meat turkey is lower in calories than dark meat.  But go easy on the gravy on either choice. Use a reasonable amount of cranberry sauce to give you the flavor as opposed to drowning your selection!


Don’t stress yourself out. Exercise is a good stress reliever so don’t abandon any exercise routine you currently have.  The opportunity for a brisk walk is usually just a few feet away and it can be done with people you really enjoy.

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