Holiday Sex

Although it is difficult to get any really solid evidence relating to this, September is the month with the most births and August comes in second. So, subtracting nine months, it’s safe to say that there is a lot “canoodling” going on during the holidays! Another indicator of what’s likely going on is the fact that the Trojan condom company sells more of its product on New Years Eve than at any other time of the year.

There are a few possible explanations for the spike in sex. For example, bad winter weather brings people closer together indoors and colder temperatures may accelerate an escalation from simple cuddling. The holidays are also the season when alcohol consumption peaks and that may add credence to the phrase of booze being a “social lubricant.” Although it may not necessarily be as important a factor to many Suddenly Solos, this time of year affords more time-off than randomly scheduled vacations.

You may find yourself visiting your family at this time of year and this creates several interesting scenarios that might have amorous elements. For example, your holiday trip may take you back to where you lived for many years and you may run into an old acquaintance who is single like you. Or you may find yourself at a dinner held by your children sitting next to a “someone” who your kids feel you should meet. Or perhaps at a holiday party, you may exchange glances with a stranger who you are drawn to. Add the holiday spirit(s) to any of these and the results can be very exciting.

As we emphasize in our book and on this site, be open to all potentialities which are only possible if you put yourself out there! So take some pro-active steps before the season gets in full swing by arranging holiday travel, organizing get-togethers, and accepting all invitations . . . no excuses.

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