Enjoy The Holidays On Your Terms

There is a wonderful energy that surrounds the holiday season.  At no other time of the year is society focused so completely on anything.  We here at Suddenly Solo certainly endorse getting into the spirit of things.  Make plans, reach out to others, take-in all the sights and sounds.

As part of enjoying these next few weeks, we also suggest that you take some “you” time to balance the kinetic aura.  Here’s how to give yourself some TLC:

- Schedule some indulgent time for yourself. For example, make an appointment for a massage, or a facial, or a manicure/pedicure.  Do it now and put it your calendar as something to look forward to.

- Purchase a book (or e-book) that is on the bestseller list and start it tonight when you get into bed.  It’s relaxing and gives you another something to talk about when you are socializing.

- Organize a night out with friends.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal.  Call at least three other people and watch a game at a bar.  Or go bowling.  Or grab a lunch.  Or rent/download a movie and invite buddies over for sandwiches  or a pizza. Make this happen in the next ten days.

- Drive around one evening and look at the holiday decorations while listening to appropriate music on the radio.

- Sleep in one morning.   Set the alarm for noon, close the curtains and enjoy the quiet.  Then go out for some brunch and bring your book with you.

Finding the all important balance of appreciating others while also appreciating yourself will make this time of the year especially rewarding and memorable.


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