It’s almost Chanukah! Share the light!


This year, the celebration of Chanukah starts at sunset on December 12th and ends on December 20th.
Every community has its unique Chanukah observations, but there are some traditions that are almost universally practiced. They are: lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel and eating fried foods (because the holiday celebrates the miracle of the oil that provided light for the eight days).
And while eating deep-fried foods may not be recommended for those watching their cholesterol, one latke or sufganiyot should be OK!
This year, why not organize a get-together with your friends to celebrate the holiday? Even those who are not Jewish will enjoy the ritual and can partake in the energy and warmth of the festival of lights.
So order the traditional foods (don’t forget the apple sauce) and be sure your menorah is ready with candles (The menorah is usually lit after nightfall, when stars appear in the sky. Originally the menorah was then placed outside a home to the left of the doorpost, thereby positioning it opposite the mezuzah on the right. But today the lit menorah is more commonly placed in or near a window. Both options are fine since the most important thing is that passersby are able to see the lit menorah and be reminded of the Hanukkah miracle. Always be careful with any open flame.)
Your get-together can be on any of the eight candle lighting evenings. It’s a wonderful way to observe the holiday and share it with your neighbors.

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