Spring Time Is Car Time!



After an exceptionally long and hard winter, we are finally hearing the last gasps of that season.  For us guys, this holds the promise of more outdoor pursuits and a general feeling of renewal.  One of the ways to celebrate the arrival of moderate weather is by doing a little work on our cars.  We have found that auto-centric efforts can give us some well-deserved, feel-good vibes which is never bad.  Here are a few things you might think about doing for your “ride”!

- Tires.  If you have winter ‘shoes’ on your car, it’s time to make the change over to All-Weather for the milder temperatures.  Keeping winter tires on accelerates the wear of their softer composition.   Check the condition of your spare (if you have one!) as well.

- Oil Change.  Although the odometer may say you have a while to go, we like to do a spring change anyway.  The upcoming warm weather with the load of air -conditioning puts extra demand on the cooling capacity of oil so we just feel better knowing it’s fresh.

- Coolant.  Check if you need to replace the anti-freeze.  If you can’t remember when it was last flushed and changed, it is probably time!  Do a check of the belts and hoses as well.

- Wax On.  The quality of car finishes is light-years ahead of what we grew up with.  However, having a fresh coat of wax put on the car is always a good idea.  This in probably the only real DIY project on our spring time list and it has a weird, therapeutic value if you can do it without your knees and back howling in protest the next day!  Otherwise, look up a detailer or check with your local car wash.  (Don’t skimp on the interior . . . it’s the area women notice most.)

Happy motoring!

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