Note To Self: Go Out.

If you have not gone on a date, had a meal out, or seen a movie in the past month, then it is time to push yourself.  Static friction is hard to overcome but we have found that once you get some inertia going, it tends to perpetuate itself.

Many of our Suddenly Solos use the winter months as an excuse to hibernate.  It is certainly difficult to argue with the logic of staying in a warm home as opposed to bundling up and hurling yourself into the cold.  The trouble comes when thermal excuses don’t add up (like now!).

Make a promise to yourself that within the next 10 days that you will do something that incorporates inter-personal contact.  It’s easier than you think.

- Find a sports bar nearby and watch an event there.  Most places have so many TV screens that you can find almost any kind of contest going on so there’s no reason not to go.  Chances are you will find similar fans.  If you live in an area with pro sports, take in a game.

- Go To A Museum-Type Event.  It can be an art exhibition, a film screening, a show, or something similar.  Or sign up for a group activity like birding.

- Dust Off Your Clubs/Racquet/Glove.   Maybe not literally (you don’t want to show up with ancient equipment) but renew an interest by singing up for lessons or get involved in a league.  You may need to undertake some conditioning but even that can be a socializing opportunity.

- Call An Old Friend.  Everyone knows someone they’ve “been meaning to call.”  It can be a guy or a gal.  Get together for lunch.

As part of your visibility crusade, be sure you are looking the part.  Haircut, shave, manicure, etc. are important components of being “out there.”  If you haven’t purchased a pair of slacks, new shoes (not sneakers) or a new sport shirt in the past year, treat yourself to be sure that you maximize the impact of your emergence from hibernation!

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