Stressed Out? Have some sex!

With the transition to becoming solo, there comes a great deal of worry.  But you’re not alone.  Studies show that 40% of all Americans lose sleep because of some type of stress.  52% of Americans worry about their health and 62% of those of us over 65 years worry about money.  We live in a high-pressure, stressful world whether we are in workplace or not.  Just watch the evening news if you don’t believe we have reason to worry about something!


The body produces adrenaline in stressful situations which can lead to the over-production of another stress hormone, cortisol.  Cortisol impacts the heart and apparently the part of the brain that helps you to respond to stressful situations, the hippocampus.  This is particularly bad for those over the age of 50.


To combat the effects of too much cortisol, physicians suggest exercise and sex (though not necessarily at the same time!).  Both these activities result in initial increases in the production of cortisol but over the long-term, they result in a reduction of anxiety behavior and an increase in neurogenesis… the brain’s ability to create and support brain cells.


So remember that sexual activity can be healthy for you (and your partner) and can help you deal with the stresses of everyday life.

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