Travel Tips

We encourage Suddenly Solos to travel. It can be a timely break from emotionally trying moments that can beset even the most well adjusted of us. Here are some tips that can make travelling a little easier.
-Investigate TSA-Pre Check. This is an expedited system that is expanding to airports around the country and can help you avoid long security lines. Go to and see if this makes sense for you
-Travel with ‘preventive’ medications. Besides the usual over the counter items (aspirin, stomach aids, cough lozenges, etc.) check with your doctor to see if having some antibiotics might be worthwhile. Remember that medications can degrade quickly with heat, light and air exposure so if you have medications from a prior trip, they may no longer be safe or effective. Place your medications in carry-on luggage.
- Tell people where you’re going! Give itineraries to your friends and family. If you are travelling abroad, consider registering your travel plans with the State Department’s free Smart Travellers Enrollment Program (STEP) at

And of course, have a wonderful time!

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