Smart Fun in the Sun

With the nicer weather now upon us, let’s get out there and enjoy it – albeit safely! As we have matured, our skin is more sensitive to the sun, but that is not a reason to hide from it.  In fact, getting outdoors promotes better health and it increases socialization.

We have all heard the admonition to use sunscreen – it’s good advice.  However, there are those of us who are still using the same bottle or tube of lotion that we found in the medicine cabinet from who knows when.  Spring for new sunscreen as the effectiveness of these products wanes over time. They are especially vulnerable to being stored in high temperatures.  Be safe and invest in a new one.

Hats are cool.  There are many different approaches to new chapeaus.  If you decide to go with a baseball cap, remember to protect your ears with the aforementioned sunscreen (rub it in thoroughly so no embarrassing residue remains!).  A great conversation starter is a cap from your alma mater, so go to the college’s online bookstore and get a clean, fresh one to start the year.  Another way to go is to get a quality panama hat with a wide brim that provides both style and protection.  Very jaunty!

Sunglasses are also important.  They protect the cells of the macula in your eyes from being damaged by the ultraviolet and blue wavelength radiation in sunlight.  Studies have demonstrated that ultraviolet and blue light can damage the photoreceptor cells of the macula and the use of lenses that will filter out both the ultraviolet and blue radiation are very important.  The darkness of sunglasses does not necessarily protect the eyes from the ultraviolet radiation and the blue light.   The darkness of the lenses will reduce eye discomfort for those who are very sensitive to the bright light, but the darker lenses do not provide more protection from ultraviolet radiation.  In fact, glasses can be made clear, without any color tint, and still filter the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

If you wear short sleeves, be sure to lather up your forearms with sunscreen before going out. The style today is trending towards gingham check. We strongly urge you not to go sleeveless no matter what shape you’re in – it is really not flattering for 99.9% of us!  If you wear a watch, be sure it has a nice band to accent your look – it need not be costly.  Metal bands will survive longer, but it’s your call.

Sunshine is a wonderful source of Vitamin D and just a little common sense on our part will let us soak up the benefits without ancillary problems!


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