Meeting Women in the Summer

Actually, any season is a good season to meet a Suddenly Solo woman, but the summer months give you additional opportunities to get out there and enjoy the company of a female!

Here are some suggestions for these summer days (and nights!):

  • Community Theatre.  Many of these troupes perform outdoors and the schedules are varied.  Consider joining a theatre group and check out appropriate “meet-up” sites.
  • Fitness & Yoga Classes.  Warmer months usually attract more women to the gym and yoga studio (check out our article on “broga!”).  Many offer free introductory sessions.  If appropriate, wear an article of clothing from your alma mater (or your child’s school) to spark some conversation.  Make sure your workout clothes are in good repair, especially your footwear.
  • Walking Groups.  Many men and women are gathering together to form walk groups, where people get in shape while they talk and get to know one another.  It’s a great way for a gentleman to get healthy and socialize!
  • Golf/Tennis Classes.  Look into group lessons.  With children and grandchildren at camp, women often flock to these kinds of mostly outdoor activities.
  • Religious Organizations. Spirituality is important to many people, but it often becomes more pronounced as women get older. Single men should check out their singles activity center to see if there are events happening where they could meet someone special.

The warm weather also brings the added benefit of women’s summer wear!  Be sure and avoid staring, but a compliment on how pretty a woman looks is usually well-received when delivered sincerely and with a smile.


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