Summer Car Maintenance

Although there is never a good time to experience a vehicle breakdown, a hot summer day is probably pretty far up on the list of lousy!

The warmer weather now upon us will probably encourage you to travel more than during other times of the year, so it makes good sense to do some prudent maintenance and systems checks on your car irrespective of its age.  We at Suddenly Solo love our cars but are ever-mindful of our wallets, so here are some cost-effective tips that can keep you safely and comfortably on the road:

  • Oil Change.  In addition to being a good excuse to get under the car and take a “look-see” at things, new oil is better at dissipating heat from an engine.
  • Tire Check.  Summer rainstorms can drop a lot of water on the road and worn tire tread puts you at a traction and control disadvantage.
  • Belts and Hoses.  We had a sign at the garage where I worked as a kid that said, “New belts don’t cost much… old belts do!”  When you factor in road service and the inconvenience from a blown hose or torn belt, it’s worth replacing them when it’s on your terms!
  • A/C Check.  You may not have realized that your air conditioning is not blowing as cold as it used to.  Check the refrigerant level and the system for leaks.
  • Battery.  Heat puts a strain on cranking power.  Auto parts stores offer free testing and installation of a new unit if needed.
  • Bulbs.  Turn on all lights and hazard flashers and take a walk around to see if any of the bulbs need replacing.  This is usually an easy fix.

These are pretty inexpensive items to attend to and can give you great peace of mind and driving pleasure during the summer. Happy motoring!


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