Radio Show

We can be heard “live” at 10AM, Wednesday, WCWP, 88.1 FM

Program Description:
Divorced? Widowed? Over 50? You’re not alone. You are one of over 19 million singles over 55. This number of
people who are “Suddenly Solo,” by choice or not, has grown remarkably especially as Baby Boomers age!
No matter what the underlying circumstances, many Suddenly Solos find themselves searching for real-life coping
skills as they enter into this new (and yes, exciting!) single phase of their lives. On the Suddenly Solo radio show, Hal
Spielman and Marc Silbert (authors of the book, Suddenly Solo – A Lifestyle Road Map to the Mature Widowed or
Divorced Man) talk about dating, housekeeping, finances, sex (by the way, there are more single women out there
then there are single men!) and so many other issues. With their extensive library of original research and their
encouraging and light-hearted manner, it makes great listening for both men and women.